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Lindsay Forslund

Lindsay worked for six years in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on CRSV and WPS; as a Women’s Protection Advisor, Gender Advisor for the Peacekeeping Mission, and as a Trust Fund Specialist with UNDP, where she managed a 50 million USD multi-partner trust fund, dedicated to stabilization and peacebuilding. Before working in the DRC, Lindsay worked with UNDP’s Bureau for Development Policy on programming for women’s political participation and governance. In addition to the United Nations, she has also worked in the field for I/NGOs, such as Search for Common Ground, during the 2011 political process in Liberia.  Lindsay has a strong interest in how media and film can be used as a tool to amplify the voices of women’s rights activists and organization, and she previously worked at the documentary lab within the Canadian Film Centre and the National Film Board of Canada.