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By ICC-CPI/Pete Muller

Situation Analysis

UN Action intervened in this country to support South Sudanese refugees. Please refer to the section on South Sudan for more information on the context.

List of Projects

Psychological Intervention for Adult Survivors of CRSV

Project Summary

Through this project, a psychological intervention suitable for the treatment of common mental health problems (anxiety, depression, acute stress) in adult survivors of CRSVcalled Self Help Plus (SH+), was developed. It featured session plans for workshops, illustrated books and questions for small group discussions. Audio components covered topics such as the effects of stress, and techniques for stress management (such as grounding, mindfulness, living by important values). The package was adapted for use with South Sudanese refugees in Northern Uganda and results of the project showed that SH+ was safe, feasible and potentially scalable psychological intervention for use in humanitarian settings. 

Implementing agencies WHO, UNHCR, UNFPA
Project duration

14 May 2014 to 16 May 2016



For more information on this project, please go to UNA034

End of Project Report

Project Proposal