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Situation Analysis

Although Haiti has not historically been a listed situation of concern in the Secretary-General's annual report on CRSV, the country, over the past year (2021-2022) has faced increased violence, including sexual violence, perpetrated by gangs. Gangs in Haiti have blocked supplies of food, fuel, and drinking water as communities struggle with a cholera outbreak.

The UN is debating a Security Council resolution in response to the current situation in Haiti based on the report jointly published by BINUH and OHCHR titled 'Sexual Violence in Port-au-Prince: a weapon used by gangs to instill fear'. The report documents sexual crimes perpetuated against people of all ages and sexual and gender identities by gangs waging turf wars to expand areas of influences. These armed gangs continue to use rape to instill fear, punish, subjugate, and inflict pain on local populations. Sexual violence has also been reported to occur in the context of kidnappings, including for the purpose of ransoms.

Please refer to our Digital Library for the Joint Reports.