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UN Women Humanitarian Work with Refugees in Cameroon

Situation Analysis

In 2020, OSRSG-SVC started to receive reports of conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV) in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon from non-UN verified sources of information such as I/NGOs and local women’s organizations. Yet it has been difficult to gather UN verified information as there are currently no monitoring analysis and reporting arrangements (MARA) in the country. Some of the allegations are directly linked to separatist and government forces engaging in conflict actions. Many of these violations have been reported in rural and remote areas which lack medical facilities, making it difficult for survivors to receive adequate medical care. Moreover, several CRSV allegations are attributed to Boko Haram, as security incidents linked to its two main factions have continued since late 2018 in some parts of Cameroon.

Due to the lack of UN verified information, Cameroon was not included in the 2019 SG’s report on CRSV S/2020/487, except under the context of Boko Haram activities, in the Nigeria country section.

UN Action is monitoring this situation.